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Washing of photovoltaic panels: how to clean the panels?

One of the factors that increase the efficiency or performance of solar panels is the washing of the solar modules, the cleaner they are, the more energy they produce.

Washing of photovoltaic panels: how to clean the panels?

Washing the photovoltaic panels  supports their maintenance and can have a positive effect on their efficiency, but it is not necessary, the photovoltaic installation is self-sufficient, it cleans itself during rain or snow. However, if you want to take care of your installation, find out how to properly clean your cells. More and more people are opting for solar panels. 

photovoltaic micro-installation of this type  makes us not only energetically independent and contributing to a better functioning of the natural environment, but also gives us the opportunity to sell excess electricity to the electricity grid. It is solely up to us which role model we choose. However, the purchase and installation itself is not enough. Photovoltaic panels, like everything in life, must be properly cared for, washed and maintained regularly . This text clears up some doubts in this area and answers the basic questions.

Washing of photovoltaic panels: how to clean the cells?

Photovoltaic panels are an essential component of a larger installation, belonging to a broader group of concepts related to modern power generation. Today, we need solutions that not only work according to a more logical and ergonomic financial model, but also have a less invasive impact on the environment. This type of system is one of the  most  popular renewable energy sources recently  Photovoltaics is based on the aforementioned panels, which are usually installed on the sunny part of the roof or in a free part of the plot. The system captures sunlight (it works with different efficiency, depending on the climate) and converts it into electricity. The same that flows in our ordinary plugs.

Stilo Energy is a professional provider of such a service and can help us from start to finish, that is, on an advisory, legal and practical level. That is, it will not only install the system, but it will also support us in every detail to optimize a certain option for a specific situation, as well as our conditions and preferences.

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At a later stage, the owner of the system will have to decide whether to take  care of the hygiene of the installation on his own or to have it commissioned by a professional company  . Everything, of course, depends on the contract that is concluded. Proper panel care is not just a matter of aesthetics. Proper maintenance affects its performance, even by about 15%! There can be many causes of dirt: smoke, dust from nearby fields, impurities from animals or plants. Find out  how to clean solar panels  !

Cleaning panels – guide

If we decide to  clean the photovoltaic system  ourselves, we must remember some important aspects. In this way, we will not only optimize its performance, but we will also be sure that we will not lose the warranty provided by the manufacturer. Therefore, some customers choose the most convenient option, which is the maintenance of the system by the service provider. But there is also a large group of people who are not afraid of physical work, have the right amount of free time, equipment and a knack for the recently popular “do it yourself” but under the English abbreviation “DIY”.

Photovoltaic panel washing: what to use?

– It is better to use   specialized and dedicated  agents for cleaning photovoltaic panels  , which are often recommended by the manufacturer itself.

– However, if we decide to use a more homemade and independent method, it is enough to carefully prepare a delicate solution of water with vinegar, which we can use to  wash the photovoltaic cells  .

– We must also remember about well-chosen cleaning accessories, such as a soft sponge or a soft brush. Therefore, let’s not save on these aspects and equip ourselves with the most professional and appropriate equipment. After all, they will serve us for many years.

What to avoid when cleaning solar panels?

– Bad news for many hosts. We never  clean the panels with a pressure washer  , the photovoltaic installation is quite delicate, it can be damaged, for example by breaking the cables. Remember that no rain is as strong as a pressure washer.

– The good news is that the aforementioned rain often “does the job” and if it happens regularly, it takes care of our installation “daily”.

– We do not use cleaning agents other than those listed below, as this can also damage the installation.

How to clean the solar panels?

– We must, of course, provide adequate protection to the person who washes, since the system is usually located on the ceiling, so there is a risk of accident. It doesn’t have to be a professional mountaineering team, but let’s remember the necessary basics.

– We proceed gently, with all the necessary precautions.

– Let’s also choose the right time of day, trying  not to keep the panels during the day  . It is better to choose the evening time when the panels cool down as they get hot during the day.

When is it worth cleaning the panels?

– When they are noticeably dirty.

– Routinely twice a year, preferably in spring (after fall / winter) and in summer, especially in late summer, just after harvest.

– If we want to enjoy the full power of the installation for many years. Plus, there’s one more advantage: a  house with clean panels looks better than dirty ones  .


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