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What are solar pumps?

The extraction of water from a well or moving water from one place to another, has been a complicated task, solar panels in the application of solar pumps have made it easier for us, since it was done with mechanical implementation or through conventional pumps, powered by alternating current that generated very high energy costs.

Currently we have the alternative of using the energy that the sun gives us and can play a really important role in this activity, feeding very powerful pumps that facilitate the work of water movement.

What is solar pumping?

Solar pumping can be defined as the technical capacity to extract water from wells through the use of solar energy, only for various purposes, such as crop irrigation, use within farms, water disposal in isolated areas.

These pumps are fed by means of a photovoltaic system that generates electricity which is applied directly to the hydraulic pumps adapted to be able to operate by means of this energy which they transform into electricity.

The water pumps connect directly to the solar panels and convert the solar energy into electrical energy, leaving aside the use of batteries, the pumps will have their continuous use during the filling of the water tank, as long as solar radiation is available.

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The capacity of the acquired water will depend on the combination of power of the solar panels and the capacity of the acquired pump, obviously, the more power, the more water.


Some advantages of using solar pumps:

Some of the advantages are that they provide a higher yield than ordinary pumps, do not require any type of fuel, do not require the use of electricity, so the costs of this input also decrease considerably, and above all we provide a grain of sand to the plant, since we handle clean energy, so we don’t generate pollutants of any kind.

Its automated system allows to program its operation without having a person working on it, in addition, the durability of the panels can reach up to 35 years of life, without losing sight of the fact that the use given to them can be very diverse.

Physical efforts are no longer implemented, so staff time and costs and physical wear are reduced.

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