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What are the best batteries for solar panels

To meet the technical requirements that determine maintenance, storage capacity, performance, useful life and the number of discharge cycles, we will find different types of solar batteries on the market. Next we will analyze the most suitable type of battery depending on the solar installation you want to carry out.

First, it is important to understand that conventional batteries, such as a car battery, do not have any similarity to solar batteries. This is why  solar batteries have a much longer useful life, which will allow continuous deep discharges that will not affect the performance of the same.

Types of solar batteries

The most recommended and economical model to use in low and medium power installations  where simple electrical appliances are used and without a motor  are monoblock solar batteries . We are talking about devices such as light bulbs, light bulbs, music or DVD players, microwaves, television … If you want to use batteries in more complex devices with motor, this model will not be recommended since the high starting peaks that cause these equipments are not recommended for this type of batteries.

We refer to equipment such as a water pump, a drill, a washing machine … If we use the monoblock solar battery with this type of device, its average life will drop from 4-5 years, which usually lasts, to only one year. That is why our recommendation is not to use it in these cases. The maintenance of monoblock batteries is periodic, more or less every year and a half since they are open acid.

AGM batteries and GEL batteries

They are sealed and are made up of a gelled electrolyte that makes them perform better and does not require maintenance, and they are also manufactured in a monoblock format . These batteries are able to withstand high starting peaks of any appliance without problems, making them perfect for using any type of electrical appliance. Under normal conditions, these types of batteries have an approximate life of between 8 and 10 years, and they are also  the most common in medium installations  since they allow the load capacity to be expanded little by little and modules added.

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OPzS stationary batteries, OPzV stationary batteries and TOPzS stationary batteries are part of the range that we call stationary. The batteries in this model are made up of independent 2V cells each.  Through the connectors, the vessels are connected to each other, forming 12V, 24V or 48V systems.

In those large or medium installations that need batteries with a longer duration than those of GEL or AGM batteries, those of the OPzS model are used, since they have a great resistance for continuous charge-discharge cycles and have an approximate duration of 20 years . This model will need a refill maintenance every two years and be located in a ventilated place since it is an open battery model.

The OPZV model has a gelled electrolyte that makes it a totally sealed and maintenance-free stationary battery and also has the advantages of an OPzS stationary battery. This is the reason why they can be placed in a vertical or horizontal position. Its duration will be between 15 and 20 years.

Finally, we find the UOPZS or TOPZS model, which corresponds to OPzS stationary batteries with the difference that these are manufactured in a more economical and translucent container. Being made on an automated assembly line can reduce manufacturing costs. Its useful life like the previous ones of about 15 to 20 years.

Although this type of battery has a higher cost, it compensates the investment made in its useful life. It is advisable to install stationary batteries in homes, farms or facilities for daily use, where the consumption to be made is previously known. In medium-sized installations where future expansions are planned, it is more advisable to install GEL or AGM batteries.

Thus, the use of one or the other battery will depend on several factors. The first the size of the solar installation, followed by the electrical devices that are connected and lastly the purchasing power of each person. It is vital to take into account the characteristics of each battery since the use of a battery that is not suitable, will cause that in the short term new batteries will have to be installed and will affect the entire installation. It is important to take maximum care of the batteries, in order to extend their useful life since they are the most expensive and sensitive part of the installation.


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