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What is a string in a photovoltaic installation

The photovoltaic panels They are becoming increasingly popular and self-consumption has become a growing trend. However, there are a series of concepts and terms that we do not know and to which we must pay special attention. For this reason, we will delve into what is a strings in a photovoltaic installation And what is your main mission?

What is a string in a photovoltaic installation

This vocabulary is usually used by technicians, but it is difficult for a person who is not an expert in the field to understand what it is about. In photovoltaic energy installations it is very common to talk about boxes of stringto refer to the number of modules connected in series or in a chain.

What is a string?

In the design of photovoltaic systems it is very important to ensure that the voltage output has an acceptable range. If the voltage is low, it is most normal that the inverter does not produce power. While if the tension is very high it could damage it and even cause a fire.

The protection elements in a photovoltaic installation They play a fundamental role in preventing this type of danger, as well as unnecessary risks. Normally, the input voltage varies depending on the inverter model, but today it is usual to work between 100 and 1000 v which makes him a good chain size either the string.

However, there are a series of modules that favor the flexibility of the chain to guarantee a voltage that meets the requirements of the inverter. This means that if there are two strings we will have two rows with modules connected in series. In isolated installations, strings they are usually 2, 3, 4 or 5 modules, respectively.

Briefly, it can be said that the box of strings It is the place where the splices are made. Normally, they are equipped with electrical protections, so it is normal for them to include fuses or surges to achieve this. That said, it is easy to understand the direct relationship between the strings and a photovoltaic inverter.

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What is a string in a photovoltaic installation

The advantages and disadvantages of string or chain inverters

It is very common for doubts to arise about what solar inverter type it is more suitable for a home or a business. While it is true that the function is the same, there are a number of differences between them.

It can be ensured that the investors stringthey are the most widely used alternative in the world today. In addition, this option is highly recommended for those roofs or surfaces that are affected by shades. It is also a good option for gabled roofs.

The most logical thing is that in a self-consumption installation, each panel is connected in series or in a chain. The inverter is primarily responsible for converting energy into electricity, but as normal, there is always advantages and disadvantages which needs to be evaluated first.

  • Advantages. String inverters are characterized by their low cost and the use of highly efficient technology. These equipments are compact, light and easy to replace. Therefore, this solution is ideal for large-scale projects and to ensure energy availability thanks to its high efficiency. In addition, another of its benefits is easy maintenance.
  • Drawbacks. Solar panels that use a investor string can suffer from the “bottleneck” effect. Production can be affected or drastically reduced if any of the panels is not working properly or is in the shade

However, this technology is highly recommended for homes with unobstructed roofs that receive continuous sunlight throughout the day.

Operation of string inverters

The investor stringIt was developed several decades ago, so it is a technology that has a long history and is effective. Although it is not suitable for all types of installations, it is characterized by integrating protections for overloads and overvoltages. The purpose is not to have to use external equipment for this task.

Due to its operating principle, a investor string receives so many amps as the least efficient panel that is in your branch. This means that if any of them are affected by the shadow, the potency will be reduced. As a consequence of this, the investor stringit will not be very effective nor will it provide a good solution.

Indeed, the shading that some objects may cause is one of the main reasons why the efficiency of a panel decreases. There are even certain cases in which this installation stops generating energy. Obviously, we must avoid this type of inconvenience and problems that harm performance and energy production.

Since their size is small, the transportation costs they are quite low and their assembly and replacement is very quick and easy. Even the monitoring options They allow the user to obtain important information as a result of extracting the data from the weather station. It can be accessed through a mobile device as smartphone either tablets to know the status of the panels in real time and know if they have faults.

In short, the use of this technology together with the generation of new modules and optimizers offers many advantages. Today, investors strings They incorporate smart grid algorithms and facilitate effective diagnosis to avoid faults that affect the solar photovoltaic installation. We hope we have resolved your doubts about what a string is in a photovoltaic installation.

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