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What is active solar energy?

In this article I will explain what is active solar energy? , its uses and benefits for humans. Solar energy is sustainable energy generated by the sun. The sun is a star with an inexhaustible source of clean and sustainable energy.

What is active solar energy?

The sun supplies the earth with approximately 2,500 times more energy than we all use in total. Also in the Netherlands, the sun is bright enough to generate electricity or heat water.

Have you decided to use solar energy to power your home? If so, you should consider an active solar system. I love heating my house in winter with this type of solar energy because I notice a reduction in my fuel costs.

So, I want to share so much information so that you realize why you should think about using it. I will do my best to answer the question: What is active solar energy?


Active solar energy is the generation of energy through the use of solar radiation (solar energy). The use can be for the generation of heat through solar collectors, or electricity through photovoltaic cells in solar panels.

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What is active solar energy?

Active solar energy uses mechanical and electrical elements to absorb and convert energy from the sun. Photovoltaic panels, voltage controllers, bumps, pumps, and collectors are the systems that process usable heat from the sun. In addition, this solar system may have batteries that can store the accumulated solar energy, in case more energy is needed for future use.

The collected solar energy can be used to generate heat and electricity for homes and buildings. More people in the US have chosen to install solar panels with active solar systems.


 active solar energy

Apart from houses, where active solar energy is mainly used, it can be used in any infrastructure that needs low temperature heat. Therefore, there have been probable prospects for the use of this energy in refrigeration productions, air-conditioned buildings among many others. When cooling demands are at their peak, increased solar energy in summer is perfect.

In Greece, a study has been carried out on the effectiveness of active solar energy. Some applications of active solar energy have also been successful. Therefore, there is an expectation that it will develop rapidly

Active Solar Power System Components

direct solar energy

  • Solar collector – Collects solar energy and the most common type is the flat plate collector. It is an insulated box protected with glass. Inside this box, you can see black plates that absorb the collected solar energy and convert it into heat.

This heat is transported to a fluid such as air or water. Then the fluid flows into the manifold. Identify if the system is air-based or liquid-based.

  • Solar Energy Storage – This is done for liquid-based setups with water or thermal mass tanks. If the system is air-based, solar energy can be stored in containers made of rock and keep the air warm.
  • Solar energy distribution: depends on the type of active system used. For liquid systems, central forced air, underfloor heating, pumps or hot water baseboards are used to distribute. While for air-based systems, ducts and fans are used to transfer the hot air.

Advantages of active solar energy systems

Electrical controls that can be used to take full advantage of active solar energy is one of the main advantages of this type of solar energy system. Unlike passive solar energy, the active type uses sensors and pumps, so it will start to distribute only when an approximate amount of energy has been gathered.

As long as there is a useful temperature differential, your sensors and pumps that use only a small amount of energy can draw a large amount of thermal energy. These controls also offer many options for using available power.

For example,  solar panels  with active solar energy systems can heat your pool early in the morning. However, this is not practical for heating in your hot water cylinder due to the difference in temperature in the stored water. In the afternoon, due to an increase in the outside temperature, the water that has been heated with solar energy can be transferred to your cylinder.

For simplicity, you can use this solar energy system in your home, whatever the design or orientation of the house. There is also more solar energy produced compared to passive solar energy, and this energy can be easily distributed throughout your home.


Active solar energy is really promising. It is an effective method of harvesting energy from the sun. As mentioned, its effectiveness has been gaining attention in Greece and other parts of Europe. The components it has are not complex.

You should consider installing this power source in your home for its many advantages. As a result, you can save more money. We hope that the information we provide can help you make the right decision.

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