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What is photovoltaic solar energy and how is it generated?

Photovoltaic solar energy is one of the most important renewable energies we currently have on our planet, since it is not only ecological but also helps in efficient consumption. Discover what photovoltaic solar energy is and how it is generated.

What is photovoltaic solar energy and how is it generated?

It is well known to all that the sun is a source of energy and natural light that is used in many areas and that it is also renewable, so  in today’s post we will explain what photovoltaic solar energy is and how it is generated such an important source of energy for our planet.

what is the photovoltaic energy?

What is photovoltaic solar energy and how is it generated?


Photovoltaic solar energy is a renewable energy that is created after the direct transformation of radiation and light from the sun into electricity . This transformation is possible thanks to devices called  photovoltaic panels , which make solar radiation affect the  photovoltaic cells .

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Therefore,  photovoltaic solar energy mainly serves and is used to provide electricity to companies and distribution networks, as well as to individual or autonomous user devices.

How is solar photovoltaic energy generated?

After knowing what photovoltaic solar energy is , we talk about the  photovoltaic effect , which is  crucial for the production of electricity from the sun.  And it is here that we find several components to take into account: the first of them are particles called  photons , of which the sun is composed and that cause the electrons to be released upon impact with the solar panels.

This is when we talk about the  photovoltaic panels and the Sicilian conductors that contain and allow light to pass and convert energy , producing current through an electric field generated by the electrons once they have been activated, these being both positive and negative

What is photovoltaic solar energy and how is it generated?

Types of solar panels

This whole process of converting sunlight into photovoltaic solar energy we know would not be possible without solar panels, but do you know how many types of them there are?

  • Photovoltaic : Gives enough energy for our homes, this type of panel is responsible for transforming energy from the sun into electricity.


  • Thermal : This panel allows the transformation of energy from the sun into thermal energy, that is, heat. It is used in houses with direct reception of the sun when there are high temperatures.
What is photovoltaic solar energy and how is it generated?
  • Thermodynamics : Also called hybrids. These panels work even if it rains, be it at night or is cloudy. This panel is nothing more than a mixture of a photovoltaic panel with a thermal one, which by joining the two technologies manages to produce electricity and heat simultaneously.
What is photovoltaic solar energy and how is it generated?

What uses can we give to photovoltaic solar energy?

It is not uncommon for  more and more renewable and ecological energy such as photovoltaic solar energy to be used for all types of jobs, uses and products.

For example:

  • Transportation
  • Illumination.
  • Heating.
  • Chargers of electronic devices.

What benefits and advantages does photovoltaic solar energy provide?

As we have repeated throughout the post,  one of the greatest benefits of photovoltaic solar energy is that it is a 100% renewable source , but it is also  inexhaustible and non-polluting .

All this makes it perfect since it can be adapted according to dimensions, being able to be used in large areas or in systems of a normal and current home. In addition, it is  suitable for rural, urban and isolated areas .

In conclusion,  photovoltaic solar energy must be an option every day for all those who want to collaborate with a sustainable development of our ecosystem , since despite supposing an important investment cost at the beginning when installing a solar panel system  Over time, this technology will demonstrate on electricity bills that the price to be paid falls significantly and they will have the satisfaction of being able to produce the consumable energy in the home and the benefit of being able to resell the excess in the national network.

There are already many who venture to say that  photovoltaic solar energy  will become in the next ten years the  cheapest source of electricity in many parts of the world. What about you You dare?

See you in the next post! Leave us all your doubts or comments about photovoltaic solar energy  and we will be happy to answer you.

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