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What is the Performance of Solar Panels in Winter?

With the long days of summer, we all realize that investing in solar panels It is one of the best options to save. However, does it decrease your performance in winter?

The answer is no. This is because the solar panels are powered by the sun radiationnot the light it emits.

What is the Performance of Solar Panels in Winter?

In other words, no matter how many clouds there are, the sun is still there, and with it, the radiation it produces.

Does it make sense to invest in photovoltaic energy in winter? How can I improve the performance of the plates in cold weather? How much energy do the panels generate on cloudy days?

These, and many more, are frequent questions about performance when you’re thinking about moving to photovoltaic energy. We answer all of them!

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Does it make sense to invest in photovoltaic energy in winter?

Source: The NY Journal

The solar panels they are a long-term facility. That is, for the investment profitable, they have to pass between 5 and 10 years, so the winters also count in the amortization of your performance.

In addition, when we install them we are thinking about what we will save on electricity bills in the 25 or 30 years that they usually last, rather than the cost of their installation or the season in which it is done.

This means that it doesn’t matter what time of year you decide to do the installation, since, anyway, the panels will continue to work in winter.

Do Solar Panels Charge without Sun?

solar panels
Source: TyN Magazine

Absolutely yes. In fact, the solar panels shit from any kind of lighteven the artificial one.

They also do it when the sun does not cast direct rays on them. The operation of the panels is to attract different wavelengths.

Therefore, they also attract those who manage to cross the clouds.

If, in addition, the installation is equipped with high efficiency systems that adapt to your needs, the problems will be less.

This is because more of those rays we were talking about will be captured, which go through the clouds.

How can I improve the performance of solar panels in the cold?

Although the maximum performance of solar panels is in summer Due to the number of hours of sunshine, in winter its performance does not decrease greatly either.

That is, the total performance would be slightly lower due to the presence of more clouds and other external agents. However, the output per hour would be the same as in other seasons of the year.

This power reduction of which we speak can become, at most, a 25% compared to other times of the year.

In addition, this percentage is obtained from the global measurement of the energy produced. An error that is often made when checking the performance of our panels is this: measure it globally, instead of by hours of sunshine.

That is why many people believe that the photovoltaic energy obtained is less than, for example, in summer.

Quite simply, the performance it will be similar because we are talking about the same panel. The voltage does not change, only the “fuel” that makes it work.

Performance of Solar Panels on snowy days

When the snow stays on the solar panelsthey lose energy.

This is because a large part of the panel is under the snow, unable to capture the sun’s rays.

There are several studies about this, but the definitive solution has not been found. The positive side is that these same studies underline that, in low temperaturesthe panels increase your operational efficiency.

Battery Performance

Source: Battery Chargers

To maintain good use of photovoltaic installation We don’t just have to worry about solar panels.

One of the most important factors in power generation is batteries. These are used to store the energy produced that is not consumed immediately.

Their Location It is important, since, during the winter, there are drops in temperature, which can cause a drop in battery performance.

Thus, must be covered. This helps the electrolyte that makes them up does not freeze and can keep its functionality intact.

In the case of not having space to protect it under a roof, opt for gel batterieswhich do not freeze, is the best option.

Is Electric Self-consumption Profitable in Winter?

In the coldest months of the year, we need more heat. This leads to an increase in the energy expenditure.

With them and with an installation according to our needs, self-consumption will be possible in summer.

However the self-consumption in winter it doesn’t work at all profitablesince we spend more and the hours in which energy is produced are shorter.

Solar panels help us save moneybut also to contribute to the environment.

This is why they are giving aid for the installation of photovoltaic energy in the homes. Bet for 100% clean energy with these grantsare some of the measures that have been taken for a change in energy consumption, which will help winters in colder areas to pass more pleasantly.

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