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What is the relationship between energy efficiency and solar energy?

Most people are not aware of how much energy is wasted each day. Changing habits is essential to make efficient use of energy using only the necessary amount and thus reducing the pollution that is generated for its production. Also, this would help us reduce our spending on monthly bills. Energy efficiency allows us to consume less energy, but do the same work – thus reducing CO2 emissions sent into the atmosphere. And it is that, the greater the energy expenditure, the greater the need for resources.

What is the relationship between energy efficiency and solar energy?

In this article we want to explain the relationship between energy efficiency and solar energy. We talk about the characteristics of photovoltaic energy efficiency and everything you need to know about this source of green energy.

What is energy efficiency?

What is the relationship between energy efficiency and solar energy?

The first thing, before getting fully into talking about the energy efficiency of photovoltaic panels, is to clarify what energy efficiency consists of. This can be defined as the efficient use of energynamely, use less energy to do the same work or action. An electrical appliance is energy efficient when it consumes less energy compared to other similar appliances, as is the case with LED bulbs compared to incandescent bulbs —but also with the latest generation appliances, for example—. energy efficiency seeks Protect the environment reducing the intensity of the energy that is used on a regular basis. To this end, user behavior habits are also encouraged so that they make responsible use of energy and consume only what is necessary.

Another of the energy efficiency characteristics —as we explained, this serves to reduce energy consumption in household appliances, but also to change people’s habits so that they reduce energy consumption only to what is necessary— is the use of green energy something that, As you can imagine, it is closely related to solar energy, as we see in the next point. In addition to taking care of the planet, energy efficiency has the advantage that the user will see their energy consumption costs reduced each month.

Energy efficiency of solar energy: the advantages of solar panels

What is the relationship between energy efficiency and solar energy?

The energy efficiency of solar energy is obvious. In fact, this is one of the most efficient energy sources that exist and with the greatest number of uses. You should keep in mind that solar energy is created from renewable sources, which is why any amount of energy that can be produced and harnessed —as opposed to electricity generated by conventional means— will be more efficient and healthier for the planet. Solar energy is the energy obtained through the radiation of the sun. Solar panels are used for its use. thanks to which it is possible to transform radiation into electricity or heat.

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Photovoltaic solar panels allow the use of solar energy into electricity thanks to the photovoltaic effect. This gives rise to a production of electric current generated through the photovoltaic cells. The radiation absorbed by each of the cells causes a jump of the electrons from one layer to another, thus generating the current. Thermal solar panels, on the other hand, are the ones that allow the use of radiation to generate heat. This is used for domestic hot water, as well as for heating the home through radiators. There are several reasons why there is a clear relationship between energy efficiency and solar energy. These are the most outstanding:

  • Helps reduce air pollution: The energy efficiency of solar energy helps to reduce the consumption of energy provided by the general electrical network —and in some cases to completely replace it—, which has an impact on the reduction of CO2 emissions. Keep in mind that electricity from the general electrical network is usually obtained through fossil fuels, which has repercussions on the overheating of the planet.
  • It is a clean and green energy: Solar energy is a clean and green energy. This is generated through solar panels, which can be photovoltaic or thermal. Power generation, in this case, does not generate CO2 or pollutants. It is an energy that is obtained in a responsible way with the environment.
  • It is renewable: Photovoltaic energy efficiency, or energy efficiency of solar panels, is also demonstrated as it is a renewable energy. The sun’s energy does not run out, so it does not have the same impediments as other conventional energies. This makes it a strong candidate to replace them and make more efficient use of energy in general.
  • uses of solar energy: Another reason for photovoltaic and thermal energy efficiency is its infinity of uses. Solar energy can be used to generate electricity, for the production of domestic hot water (DHW), for the extraction of water through solar pumping, for heating or for transport, among others. It is, therefore, an energy that can be used for many purposes, thus reducing the consumption of conventional energy.

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