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What kind of maintenance does a solar panel require?

What kind of maintenance does a solar panel require? En esta guia te lo explico paso a paso el mantenimiento que debes dar a tus paneles solares.

Solar panels are devices that allow us to save between 50% and 70% on the electricity bill. Although, initially they may represent a considerable investment, the truth is that in the long run this is more than justified. And it is that the duration of solar panels is usually around 20 or 30 years, of course, depending on the conditions in which they are treated and the use made of them, as well as maintenance.

What kind of maintenance does a solar panel require?

The maintenance of solar panels —or maintenance of the autonomous solar energy of our home— is fundamental in these two essential senses. On the one hand, to improve energy production and, therefore, to increase savings on the electricity bill. On the other hand, so that the useful life of the solar panels is greater, and it is that if the photovoltaic panels are not properly cleaned, the energy they produce is less, exposing some photovoltaic cells to overwork and causing a faster deterioration over time.

Next, we explain everything you need to know about solar panel maintenance, what is the price of solar panel maintenance and how often it should be done. Continue reading for more information.

Do solar panels need maintenance?

Although solar panels are very resistant and durable devices, you should not forget that they are installed outside. Sometimes on the roof of a private home, others on the roof of a community building and others directly on the ground… That is why they are exposed to the adversities of the weather, as well as to the dirt that the wind can move and that ends up deposited in them.

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For this reason, it is essential that an adequate maintenance of solar panels is carried out —or maintenance of the solar energy of our autonomous production system—. And it is that, as we explained in the introduction, the accumulation of dirt in the solar panels supposes a loss of energy that is not being used as it should. In fact, according to several measurements, the dirt that accumulates on the solar panels can lead to the waste of 8% of the energy that a solar panel in perfect condition could have generated.

For this reason, photovoltaic panels must be cleaned periodically, to get the most out of the photovoltaic cells. Likewise, it prevents some parts of the panel from overworking and the useful life —or maximum performance that the panel can provide in perfect condition— from being reduced over time.

How should solar panel maintenance be carried out?

The maintenance of the solar panels of our photovoltaic solar installation is essential for it to work properly, as we have seen, and for the use and maintenance of solar energy, without variations in the electricity bill.

The photovoltaic panel cleaning process is very simple. The first thing we must do is wash the photovoltaic modules. For this we can use water with a small amount of soap. The most advisable thing is to use a sponge to carry out the cleaning. Finally, we must make sure that there are no soap residues, so they must be rinsed with clean water. Be careful, it is very important that corrosive products are not used to carry out the cleaning of photovoltaic panels, such as detergents, bleach or other products, since they can permanently damage the surface and, in that case, the remedy will be worse. than the disease.

The maintenance of solar panels also involves other tasks that must be taken into account, apart from cleaning. This is the review of the accumulation tank, the insulating rubbers and possible structural damage. The storage tank contains essential parts for capturing and transforming energy, so it is important that it be checked to see if it is in good condition. It is also important to check the insulating rubbers and change them if they are damaged. Finally, it is necessary to check that there are no structural damages on the surfaces of the solar panels, such as breaks, cracks or any other damage.

How much does the maintenance of a solar panel cost?

In general, the price of maintaining solar panels is very cheap, since we will only need to invest in cleaning products. However, there are some cases in which it is necessary to contact the technicians, such as in the event that we observe structural damage to the photovoltaic panels or to the accumulation tank. In that case, the maintenance price of solar panels depends on the rates with which the company or freelancer works for labor and the materials that must be replaced.

How often to carry out the maintenance of solar panels?

Solar panels are very resistant devices and with high quality materials, however, in all cases they require cleaning from time to time for the reasons that we mentioned in this article. It is recommended that the cleaning of solar panels be carried out about 3 or 4 times a year. Of course, it all depends on the location where they are installed, the weather conditions and whether it is an area with a lot of dust.

In the case of reviews of the accumulation deposit, these must be carried out once a year. The review of structural damage and rubber can be checked when cleaning the solar panels.

What happens if a solar panel breaks?

If, unfortunately, your solar panel has suffered a breakage due to an accident, such as a falling tree branch, a ball hit or any other incident, it is best not to try to repair it yourself, but to contact a technician to take advantage of the guarantee, since otherwise it will be cancelled.

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