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When to use a Mixed Photovoltaic and Wind System

The hybrid systems are a technology prepared to respond to consumer demand through the combination of two Renewable energy. In this way, the problems that each one has individually are solved and at the same time all their virtues are enhanced.


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The mixed photovoltaic and wind system or also called hybrid photovoltaic and wind systemsallow two different types of energy to be combined to make the most of the resources of the sun and the wind, complementing each other.

allowing a optimization of the hours used to generate energy, and at the same time, reduce the amortization time of the equipment, even if its initial cost is higher.

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The hybrid photovoltaic and wind systems They consist of solar panels and wind turbines to capture energy.


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Issues to Consider Before Purchasing a Mixed Photovoltaic and Wind System


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Before deciding on any hybrid system combine the energy wind Y photovoltaicit is important to ask ourselves two very specific questions, to inform ourselves and analyze if this system is worth it to us.

How much energy do I want to get with the Hybrid System?

Depending on the energy we need, we opt for a hybrid system concrete or other The more powerful this technology is, the more money it will cost us.

In case that let’s calculate of less, we should not worry, the system can be expanded by adding more solar panels or more accumulators, depending on our needs.

Manufacturers like Kliux, assure that depending on the hybrid photovoltaic and wind system that we use we can forget about the electricity bill in an average home. To achieve this goal it is important to add batteries ours hybrid system.

How Much Wind and Solar Power Can I Get in That Environment?

If we are going to place a system that generates renewable energy through the sun and the wind, we have to analyze that the environment is conducive to generating these two types of renewable energy.

Otherwise we would not be interested in acquiring this technology and it would be better to opt only for solar panels or wind turbines.

Situations in which it is recommended to use this system


The mixed photovoltaic and wind system It is a good choice for rural houses, warehouses, chalets, in short, in open and large places with good land to place this system.

It is also recommended to use this hybrid technology in places (such as very remote country houses) where the electrical network does not reach and we want to be energy self-sufficient and generate our own energy.

Benefits of the mixed Photovoltaic and Wind System


– Hybrid kits have a quick and easy installation.

– By combining both energies in a single system, we manage to enhance and expand all the renewable energy we generate.

– This system does not have tolls in Spain since through the batteries there is no need for it to be connected to the electricity grid.

– The solar energy Y wind they have many problems with interruptions, both when combined remove this inconvenience to a greater or lesser extent.

On hot days it hardly allows the use of the wind power but yes the solar one, and on the contrary, the cold and cloudy days are presented with wind that are perfect to capture wind power but not the sun.

Are there Relevant Examples of Mixed Photovoltaic and Wind Systems?

Yes, as are the ecocapsules, extremely small and energy self-sufficient homes.

Are self-sufficient housing combines wind power and solar power. Here is a more detailed video about these homes and what is expected of them in the future:


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