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Why is solar energy important: Care for the environment

Renewable energy surrounds us. Not to be missed in our modern lifestyle. One form of renewable energy is solar energy, but Why is solar energy important . This form of energy is the most popular on Earth, as it is easy to generate. You may not know very well what to do with solar energy. To learn more about it, it helps first to understand what exactly sustainable energy is and why solar energy is so useful. 

Why is solar energy important

In this article, we will explain Why is solar energy important for our planet right now. First, a brief explanation is given of what exactly solar energy is, then how it works, and finally why it is good for the environment.

Why is solar energy important

What is solar energy?

Solar energy is the energy generated by the sun in the form of heat and light. You can convert this energy into electricity. This can be done by using solar panels or solar collectors. There are many more ways to convert solar energy into electricity, but these are the most widely used ways in the Netherlands. Read more here

How does solar energy work?

Our sun sends a large amount of heat and energy to the earth. We can capture that energy through solar panels, and then convert it into electricity. Solar panels consist of solar panels made of materials that only conduct electricity when light falls on them. When sunlight hits the solar cell, it releases electrons into the silicon. When the sun shines, an electrical current is created between the positive charge on top of the cell and the negative charge below. We call this direct current.

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The solar panels are connected to an inverter. And that inverter converts the generated direct current into alternating current that we need for our home. The inverter power ends up in the meter box and then you can turn on your lamps.

Energy from the sun can also provide hot water in your home with a little help from solar collectors. The collectors are part of a solar boiler and do not convert the sun into energy but into heat. The solar collector is on the roof. It actually consists of a pair of tubes that are filled with liquid and heated by the sun. Then the heated liquid is transferred through a pipe from the collector to the storage tank of the solar water heater. And there it emits the heat to the water in the barrel. You can take advantage of the heat by taking a hot shower or to heat your home.

Solar energy is good for the environment

Solar energy is a very sustainable way to generate energy. And this is because solar energy never runs out. Also, no CO2 is emitted when converting solar energy into electricity. you are not bothered by waste products and no harmful substances such as CO2. You don’t use anything else, because you only need energy from the sun. Solar energy has very few problems and this makes it easy to decide to go for it.

7 good reasons why solar energy is a good idea

Next I will explain Why is solar energy important. The sun is always there. Every day again. Did you know that the amount of solar energy reaching the earth is 9,000 times greater than the current energy requirement? Doing nothing with this free sunlight is a shame. We give you 7 good reasons why solar energy is always a good idea.

1. There is enough solar energy for everyone!

The sun provides much more energy than we currently use. So that we can get much more out of it. If the whole of Holland switches to energy from the sun, we can use all that sunlight much more efficiently.
Currently, scientists and manufacturers are working hard to store solar energy more efficiently. 

2. Solar panels on your roof – save every day!

Every day that you don’t have solar panels on your roof, you lose some good savings. An average home uses about 4,000 kWh of electricity per year. If you choose 10 solar panels from Zelfstroom, it is expected to generate 2,500 kWh per year. Your annual yield is then 2,500 kWh x € 0.205 (kWh = € 513. That means you save on your energy bill). 

3. Your house is worth more with solar panels

Sustainable investments make your home more valuable. On average, a home increases in value by approximately € 5,000 with an average solar energy system, and the home often sells faster than a home without solar panels. With larger installations, the value increases even more. So a good investment.

4. With solar energy you contribute to countries without fossils

Our mission is a fossil-free Holland. This is why we want to make sure that as many households as possible in the Netherlands can go solar. Fossil fuels are running out and there is more than enough sunlight.

The Netherlands, for example, is facing a gigantic operation to get rid of gas. Currently, seven million homes use natural gas to heat their homes. The intention is that from 2030 most of these will stop obtaining their energy from natural gas. And solar energy can help with that. Let’s go for it!

5. Helps prevent global warming

Rising temperatures, rising sea levels, and extreme weather conditions are the result of the intensified greenhouse effect. One of the solutions to prevent global warming is to use solar energy.

For example, cooking with electricity is much better for the environment than cooking with gas. Driving a hybrid or all-electric car can also significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. How nice it would be if you could live completely self-sufficient in the future!

6. Sunlight is a safe investment

If you buy solar panels, you can already pay for the investment in 5 years. After that, your own green electricity is completely free. If you rent solar panels from us, you don’t have to invest anything at all or just a small amount and have paid for the panels in 10 years.

Plus, you often save a good amount each month compared to your current energy bill, so the sun gives you money right away. After 10 years, you can take over the solar panels and enjoy them for another 20 years.

7. Solar panels are the beginning of a more sustainable life

Generating energy is just fun! Did you know that since they have solar panels, our customers have started to live in an increasingly sustainable way? Keeping track of what you save every day makes you more environmentally conscious. Start with solar panels and then you better separate the waste, eat less meat, and use fewer plastic bags. Bet?

These are some of the factors that justify Why is solar energy important.

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