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Why use photovoltaic panels?

In this article we will analyze why to use photovoltaic panels, useful tips for your solar panels.

Why use photovoltaic panels?

In recent years, we can find ourselves more and more often with  solar panels  used in various places, but do we really know what to use photovoltaic panels for? How to take advantage of your opportunities? What can they be useful for? These are some of the most popular and effective options.

Small photovoltaic installations can provide us with electricity for any application. In turn,   modern  voltage converters will  provide us with the necessary current for a three-phase connection or power large devices. Most of us already know that we can use the electricity produced by the photovoltaic installation. In our homes, this electricity is transferred to sockets. On the other hand, all kinds of electrical appliances take their energy from them, including boilers for hot water or heating with electricity. What else can we gain from solar panels?

Burglar alarm power supply

Currently, the alarm system is used not only by large companies, but also by small businesses or private houses. Self-monitoring and burglar alarm are becoming extremely popular. We can easily find a solar battery powered alarm system. We can use this solution both in a single-family home and in a summer house. Wherever we want to feel safe, we can use modern alarm or monitoring systems. They will make sure that our life and health, as well as all material things, are safe. In addition, they will not consume additional electricity, since they will generate it thanks to the solar panels.

Why use photovoltaic panels?

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Why use photovoltaic panels during your holidays?

Very often it happens that the owners of recreational plots have problems with access to the electrical connection. Often times, a power company expects unusually high amounts to connect a given parcel of land to its power grid. Then photovoltaic installations can help. With the proper selection of the elements of a mini  solar power plant we can provide enough energy for the entire vacation home. If we have the help of a specialist, they will undoubtedly help us to choose the right components.

 And the mini installation will provide electricity to sockets for refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, microwave, electric stove or iron. If we decide to heat tap water with a boiler, electricity will also be needed. Then the photovoltaic installation can provide it to us. If we also invest in batteries, we can also use electricity at night or on very cloudy days.

Motorhome and caravan: is it worth investing in solar panels?

Solar panels have also become very popular for motorhomes and caravans. However, in this case, flexible panels are a very interesting solution. After successfully completing all the elements of such installation, we can obtain a well-functioning source of electricity. In addition, the flexible panels can be effectively mounted on the roof of the vehicle so that they do not fall over while the vehicle is in motion. Another great advantage is that the assembly of this installation is simple and intuitive. In many cases, you can install a mini installation on the roof of a motorhome or caravan. And when you travel, enjoy constant access to electricity.

Charging the batteries

If we still don’t know what to use solar panels for, let’s remember the possibility of charging the batteries. Thanks to the solar installation, we can charge both batteries with liquid electrolyte, gel electrolyte and AGM batteries. The first type are batteries that are used to start the engine. And the gel battery will provide us with cyclical operation of the devices. If we want to use solar panels to charge the batteries, we can use a simple method. First of all, the solar panel must be connected to the charge controller which must be connected to the battery. When the sun’s rays hit the solar panel, electrical voltage is generated. Power is transferred to the battery through the charge controller. Charge regulator  here is a key element, because it cares about the correct voltage characteristics and protects the battery against too high a voltage or too deep discharge.

Why use photovoltaic panels?

Why use photovoltaic panels in the garden?

One of the most popular uses for solar panels in the garden is lighting. In the case of constant lighting, when we want high light output, we will need a solar panel, a charge controller and a battery. Then we will provide the garden lighting all the time, also at night or on a cloudy day. We can find many interesting solutions in our market. LED strips, halogen lights or other light points are perfect for gardens. However, in addition to light, we can provide several other ways to use a photovoltaic system in the garden. If we have a pond or a fountain, we can also ensure its operation thanks to a mini solar installation.

230V alternating current from solar panels

This is one of the most classic ways of using photovoltaic panels. The direct current produced by the solar panels goes to the inverter. This transforms it into alternating current, which feeds the outlets in our house. This means that thanks to a photovoltaic installation, we can produce electricity that will supply energy to our entire house. All this at no additional cost. And the alternating current supplied to the outlets can power all the devices we have at home.

Why use photovoltaic panels if you have a company?

Few people think of using solar panels in their business. However, the use of panels, for example to illuminate billboards, signs or surveillance in the company, is increasingly common. Furthermore, by using the controller with MPPT power point tracking, it is possible to work with devices or light points also in winter. Thanks to many possibilities, also in Polish companies, we can save a lot by using photovoltaic installations.

Solar panels find more and more applications. They are still the future, and their growing popularity is noticeable month by month. This has a very positive effect on our economy, but not only. Photovoltaic installations effectively reduce air pollution. They reduce the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, thus protecting our natural environment. In addition, our own photovoltaic installation significantly reduces our household expenses and will provide us with energy independence.

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