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How long do solar panel batteries last?

En este post hablaremos sobre How long do solar panel batteries last, continua leyendo y lo descubrirás. Solar panels, especially those that work in isolated solar installations, stand out for making use of different types of batteries. These are not the same as those used in vehicles, in which case, their main use is for starting and to work while staying charged with the alternator.

How long do solar panel batteries last?

Solar batteries have different technical requirements , in addition, these can be of various types, as is the case of monoblock solar batteries, batteries for AGM solar panels, stationary batteries for solar panels, gelled electrolyte batteries (batteries of gel for solar panels) and lithium batteries.

In this article we focus on analyzing the duration of batteries for solar panels and the variations between one and the other. If you are thinking of acquiring them, but you do not know which model to choose, we recommend that you take into account the following. Go for it!

Batteries for solar panels: How long do they last?

How long do solar panel batteries last

The duration of solar batteries depends on the type of battery. Not all are the same, nor do they have the same benefits. Also, they are not used for the same type of installations and connections. In other words, if we want the batteries to reach their maximum useful life, it is convenient to take into account the type of installation in which to use it and for what. It is important to note that deep downloading is not recommended in many cases.

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Duration of lithium batteries for solar panels

Lithium batteries for solar panels have a  very high discharge capacity , between 80% and 90% —they are the model that best withstand discharges without affecting their useful life—. This means that the energy utilization is higher, however, the charging power is lower compared to gel or AGM. The duration of lithium batteries for solar panels also stands out for being the one with the longest useful life,  approximately 20 years . These have up to 6000 discharge cycles at 80%. The memory effect of the electrolyte is practically nil.

Duration of gel batteries for solar panels

Gel batteries for solar panels, or gelled electrolyte batteries, are those that are used  for intense operations  for long periods of time or in those places where maintenance is difficult. These batteries are used in medium and large installations and do not require maintenance. The duration of gel batteries for solar panels is usually approximately 12 years. The gel is formed through the mixture of the electrolyte and the amorphous silica.

Duration stationary batteries for solar panels

Stationary batteries are very popular in solar installations. This is so because they usually have great durability and demand, since they tolerate deep discharge cycles quite well. They are the most recommended solution for daily use, that is, for installations that involve a constant input and output of energy. However, they require maintenance and usually need to be kept stationary – hence their name. In general, the duration of stationary batteries for solar panels  is usually 15 years . Although it must be made clear that within this type of battery we can find four different models that vary slightly from each other. These are:

  • OPzS stationary batteries : It is the most used model in large installations. They typically withstand 1,500 60% discharge cycles and more than 2,500 40% discharge cycles. It requires maintenance, its container is transparent to be able to see the interior of the battery and the water reserve.
  • OPzV stationary batteries : They have a gelled electrolyte, that is, they are completely sealed and do not require maintenance. The features are very similar to the previous ones. Ideal for spaces with movements.
  • TOPzS stationary batteries : These batteries have a shorter useful life, but their price is more affordable.
  • Stationary  EPzS batteries : They are the least known in the case of batteries for solar panels. However, they are very useful for their value for money. The packaging of these batteries is completely opaque and black, unlike the previous ones. Its useful life allows 2000 discharge cycles of up to 70%.

Duration AGM batteries for solar panels

Within AGM batteries we can find different types of batteries that vary depending on the range. This obviously influences its useful life, which  is usually between 5 and 10 years . AGM ( Absent Glass Mat ) batteries are ideal for those installations in which a high intensity of discharge is required —for example, in homes with a large number of household appliances—. They have a valve that automatically renews the energy production, without the need to fill it with acid. One of the most outstanding advantages of this type of battery for solar panels is that  they do not require periodic maintenance .. It should also be noted that these batteries are smaller in size compared to the monoblock ones, although they have a fiberglass that allows them to contain the electrolyte and thus increase its stability and durability. In general, the cycles of these batteries are 1000. It is not recommended to use them in discharges of more than 50% to extend their useful life to the maximum.

Duration monoblock batteries for solar panels

Monoblock batteries are one of the most used because they are the cheapest alternative and their performance is very suitable for small installations and with relatively low consumption. It is for this reason that its use is not recommended among installations with more complex devices, that is, motorized appliances —such as refrigerators, washing machines, drills…—. Their useful life is usually around  4 to 5 years . However, if usage warnings are ignored, usage may be reduced. As you can imagine, they are the simplest batteries for solar panels that exist. The load cycles, in this case, are usually around 600 in 40% discharges.

The best batteries for solar panels

The best batteries for solar panels

As you have seen, it is difficult to point out which are the best batteries for solar panels. In the end, it all depends on the installation and the needs of the client. If we base ourselves on the duration of the batteries, lithium, stationary and gel batteries are the most outstanding, however, if we focus on price, then AGM and monoblock batteries are the solution.

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