Reasons to install a self-consumption solar kit

The self-consumption of photovoltaic solar energy has now become a real option and an alternative to contracting energy through any electric company in the world. Such is its impact that in countries like Germany 25% of the electricity demand is satisfied by self-consumption solar energy. Reason for which, many of the electric companies have changed their business to dedicate themselves to the sale of solar panels. In this article we are going to explain what are the main reasons why you should install a self-consumption kit in your home. Likewise, we will talk about the situation of the self-consumption energy law in Spain —as well as the current state of the self-consumption solar energy tax— and the most outstanding aspects and issues of interest in reference to self-consumption of electricity with solar energy. . Let’s start!

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Alternative to use of the network of electric companies

Solar energy for self-consumption is the main alternative to supply your electrical installation without the need to hire the services of electricity companies. Now, there are two types of electrical self-consumption with solar energy, depending on whether the installation is connected to the general electrical network or if, on the contrary, it is isolated —in which case batteries are used—. In the first of the cases, the energy is used directly from the solar panel and, in case it is missing, the current from the electric company is given way. In the second case, the electricity is stored in the battery and is obtained directly from it.

Savings on your electricity bill through self-consumption of photovoltaic solar energy

Both in one installation and in another, self-consumption allows us to considerably reduce costs on the electricity bill. Solar energy for self-consumption is a savings product. As a reference, you should take into account that the average cost of electricity generated with self-consumption of photovoltaic solar energy for 10 years allows you to save 30% of the value What would you pay if you had contracted the service in an electric company. Likewise, after 15 years the savings will be higher —50%— and when reaching 25 years, the savings will increase to 75%.

You care for the environment through self-consumption of electricity with solar energy

Solar energy for self-consumption is a clean and renewable energy that comes directly from the sun, channeled through solar panels and converted into electricity for our benefit. A self-consumption solar kit allows you to avoid using the energy of the general network that comes from the combustion of fossils such as oil, coal, natural gas, or nuclear fission. Reason why its use is encouraged through the self-consumption solar energy law.

The self-consumption solar kit is used for the entire electrical installation

Sometimes there are general doubts about whether it works for one appliance or another. A self-consumption kit It is used to supply electricity to the entire installation of a house.. Now, depending on the number of solar panels that are installed, they can provide more or less energy. As an example, a basic 250 W kit can supply the electrical consumption of a refrigerator – these are generally 80 W – as well as other appliances.

Excess consumption can be deducted from the electricity bill

That’s how it is. Another advantage of using a solar panel in a network installation is that if there is excess energy, it can be poured into the general network and deducted from the electricity bill of the electricity company with which a contract has been previously signed. —either a free marketer or a reference marketer—. The law written in Royal Decree 244/2019, of April 5 explains that, in the case of opting for a self-consumption model with surpluses, money equivalent to that energy will be deducted from the monthly bill, as established with each biller. The limit, however, cannot exceed the total amount to be paid for the energy consumed each month.

Long-lasting lifespan for self-consumption solar energy

Lifetime specifications listed on solar panels typically hover around 25 and 30 years. From that date it is possible that these may lose some effectiveness. However, depending on the model, the care and maintenance that is carried out, these can continue to keep up to 80% of its production after 40 years.

Simple maintenance and installation of self-consumption solar kits

Another advantage of self-consumption solar kits is that they are very easy to maintain and clean. As far as maintenance is concerned, it will only be necessary to remove the dust that accumulates over time, as well as check connections and system in general. In the case of installation, if it comes in the form of a solar kit, it will be very simple, since you will not have to worry about the specifications of each product in general. You must bear in mind that the electrical circuit of the houses has a 16A minimum protection, which is equivalent to 3.5 kW, approximately —so several 250 W modules can be connected—. In the event that you want to install more than 3 plates, it is recommended that you contact a professional.

Self-consumption solar energy law for the protection of consumers

A few years ago, the self-consumption solar energy law was a real headache for people who wanted to legalize the domestic installation. Fortunately, the latest legal texts in favor of consumers have solved the various problems. This can be found in the legal texts established in the Royal Decree 15/2018, of October 5 and in the Royal Decree 244/2019, of April 5. These are its main advantages:

  • Elimination of photovoltaic solar energy tax: Also known as the “sun tax”. The new law eliminates the photovoltaic solar energy tax that affected installations with a contract of 10 kW.
  • Sale of surplus energy: The last law distinguishes between two types of self-consumption models: Those that have energy surpluses and those that do not. In the first of the cases we find the model that allows applying a reduction in the monthly rate with the contracted electricity supplier.
  • Installation in blocks of flats: Another advantage of the latest regulation is that installation is allowed in blocks of flats and not only in private homes.
  • No installed power cap: The power cap is not determined by a number, but by space. With the last law, the power can be higher than the contracted energy.
  • Ease of procedures: Without a doubt, one of the biggest advantages. The law goes beyond obtaining access and connection permits to all those self-consumption facilities without surpluses with a production power equal to or less than 15 kW. Otherwise, the procedures are limited only to making a certificate of electrical installation of the solar self-consumption system, to notify the autonomous community and the energy marketing company, with which the value of excess energy production will be agreed. in reducing the bill.

These are some of the reasons why you should install a solar energy kit for self-consumption.

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