How to store solar energy from solar panels

If you have a photovoltaic system, you will know that there are times of the day when electricity production is zero, such as at night. Then you must know how to store solar energy from solar panels so that you can use that stored energy at other times.

how to store solar energy from solar panels

Photovoltaic energy has recently enjoyed increasing popularity. More and more people are choosing to put solar panels on their properties. For some, however, the problem may be that such a system only produces power on clear days. For this reason, many panel owners decide to invest in solutions that allow the electricity generated to be stored and used even when it is cloudy.

Easy ways to use up excess energy

Next I will tell you about how to store solar energy from solar panels. Many building owners with solar cells wonder if it is possible to store electricity  and use it later. Now it is possible. However, not everyone decides to expand the installation with additional elements that allow the energy surplus to be stored

Sometimes the actions of the owners of photovoltaic systems are limited only to the deliberate use of the electricity generated. For example, the excess energy can be used by cooling the apartment with air conditioning or, conversely, using a heat pump. On sunny days, therefore, it pays to make the most of the electricity, deciding what activities you will need later on.

An interesting way is also to put the surplus energy in the electrical network. If you produce more electricity than you need, you can return the excess electricity using a  net metering. This solution allows you to discharge the missing power later, depending on your needs. On a sunny day, you can put electricity on the grid and then recover some of it on cool nights. However, it is worth remembering that the owner of the panels always collects about 80% of the surplus. The rest is retained by the power grid as a “fee” for providing access to electricity at any time.

How to store solar energy from solar panels in batteries

How to store electricity  with the use of additional devices connected to the network? Now there is a very simple solution. If you want to store more energy and use it according to your needs, batteries can be a good idea. These are separate devices connected to the entire network. The following types of such structures are distinguished:

  • thermal,
  • mechanical,
  • chemical,
  • electric,
  • electromechanical.

The selection of the appropriate energy storage method depends on the amount of accumulated surplus. Small homes often rely on electromechanical batteries, while for large installations it is better to choose chemical or mechanical models. To create your own  energy storage for PV  , you need to invest in devices that sometimes cost even tens of thousands of zlotys. For this reason, the selection of the appropriate type must be carefully considered.

How to store electricity  using batteries? Photovoltaic systems also consist of batteries that accumulate surplus energy. Thanks to them, the owner of the installation can use 100% of the stored energy without losses to the electricity grid. However, it is worth remembering that batteries wear out over time. This means that they may need to be replaced.

It is  profitable  the  energy storage obtained with photovoltaic  ? It all depends a lot on the specific case. Sometimes the building is located in a place where there is often a power outage, so it must be completely self-sufficient. Under standard conditions, investing tens of thousands of zlotys in batteries that require replacement every few years is unprofitable. However, this is not the case for large facilities, such as farms or industrial buildings. In such places, electricity is produced on a large scale, so  storing energy from photovoltaic cells  makes sense.

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