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Multiple applications with solar energy

Solar energy has become very popular in recent years, many people are starting to use solar energy in their homes, but do you really know what are all the applications of solar energy?

Multiple applications with solar energy

Not having a connection to the energy distribution network is no longer an impediment to enjoying electricity.

In addition, its lower installation costs and low maintenance make the use of both photovoltaic and thermal systems more frequent.

In the world and in Costa Rica there are already multiple off-grid applications, which shows the high potential of solar energy.

In the country, for example, you can already recharge your mobile phone from a solar charger and there are already 83 traffic lights in San José that work with the energy provided by a photovoltaic panel.

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A solar charger for electric vehicles and public lighting systems is also expected to be available soon, which will help improve people’s quality of life.

Here are some examples of uses using sunlight, either with photovoltaic systems or with thermal energy.


1. Solar thermal

  • Heating the water in a swimming pool
  • Heating water for showers or for washing dishes
  • Agricultural Product Dryers
  • Industrial use (solar ovens)
  • Refrigeration machine operation
  • Desalination using solar energy

2. Solar photovoltaic

  • Solar chargers for mobile phones
  • Solar vehicle chargers
  • Street lighting
  • Traffic lights
  • Drones
  • Pumping systems

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